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How IKEA use Banner ad and other online media to perform successful digital promotion

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Each brand has its official website, website banner ads and Facebook fan group, why IKEA is especially attractive to consumers? Stunning technology? Or extraordinary, but not the simple idea?

When the global network of people using more and more, businesses are also quick to use internet marketing to provide services, build brands, interact with friends, and to improve performance, expand their market share. Among so many brands of network tools, use head not always been very shrewd in how and consumers draw closer IKEA was one of the best.

Looking back a year, IKEA unique case in the digital marketing? Similarly, the official website, banner ads and community site, IKEA how different? Allow consumers to put it down on the IKEA, not only those people dazzling digital technology. More interesting creative combination of consumer demand, and simple digital tools can also play a cool promotional practices. The following is the “brains” for readers to finishing the global IKEA think wonderful digital creativity. See IKEA how digital technology used in the product, price, channel, and promotional marketing.

Successful digital marketing case studies

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“in 2020, the air is clean; each race, like the Star Wars combined fleet of alien-like, there is no gap; humans safely Mayan calendar 2012, science and technology to create the future, worldwide creative occupation. ” Pop singer led young people sing decade after the desire: household electricity thanks to solar, restaurants according to your personal preferences deployment menu, all information, storage, through cloud technology transfer.

Community website marketing focus

To encourage outstanding creative digital marketing company in the past year, the editorial department of the “brains” refer to the degree of innovation activities effective, impressed by the degree of activity integrity, interactive-oriented, works from 45 of the 22 digital marketing company Contributor and 15 in the past year, the Network Creative Focus column, selected eight classic 2010 digital marketing cases, and does not include other media such as mobile phones.

The eight classic case, the use of a wide range of network tools: In addition to the campaign website, combined with audio and video platform, online games, and improve the consumer’s sense of participation. In addition, eight cases, there are six the mobilization Facebook fans force; community website word of mouth will be the key block digital marketing brand in Web3.0 era can not be ignored.

What is Uniqlo promotional strategy to win?

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Opened its first physical store in Taiwan, the Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, finally preparatory six months after, and then opened the official website of the online store. How do they escape the rigid image of most corporate website …

If you want to ask in 2010, the marketing industry event in Taiwan, Japan, cheap clothing brand UNIQLO in Taiwan to establish a physical store, and absolutely the list. UNIQLO CEO? Takeshi made under magniloquence announced the extra 4,5 outlets before the end of 2011, but also in Taipei.

In fact, before the physical store presence, UNIQLO’s tentacles have long reached into Taiwan. Users buy through the official website of Japan UNIQLO has been operating for several years, March 25, 2011, UNIQLO finally heed public opinion “, to open online store in Taiwan. Takeshi is quite optimistic about the purchasing power of the users, said he expects the performance of the official website of UNIQLO global, can break a% of the total turnover: UNIQLO global eshops, but five, physical stores more than 900.

One Group’s new promotional tool to expand the brand value

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When agents are actively want to invite consumers to participate in the brand, One Group What new insights? From the the Success Stories Sophie failures, One Group summed up the brand to seize the heart of the new method.

Modern consumers daily contact with thousands of advertising messages, how can in divergent natural smells advertising message, allowing consumers to see at a glance your ad , but also the feeling of eyebrows think the your brand interest point, and take immediate purchase action.

In recent years, the global advertising agency, media agency and network agents in the research, how to make customers marketing communications to consumers who are more involved in the charm. Advertising agency designed the creative thinking processes, so that consumers exposed to advertising great feeling. The media agency designed media contact situations, so that consumers participate in the campaign. Internet marketing agency, specializes in hair interactive games, to allow consumers to experience the brand with charm.