What is Uniqlo promotional strategy to win?

Written by RyanKoo on . Posted in Banner Stands

Opened its first physical store in Taiwan, the Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, finally preparatory six months after, and then opened the official website of the online store. How do they escape the rigid image of most corporate website …

If you want to ask in 2010, the marketing industry event in Taiwan, Japan, cheap clothing brand UNIQLO in Taiwan to establish a physical store, and absolutely the list. UNIQLO CEO? Takeshi made under magniloquence announced the extra 4,5 outlets before the end of 2011, but also in Taipei.

In fact, before the physical store presence, UNIQLO’s tentacles have long reached into Taiwan. Users buy through the official website of Japan UNIQLO has been operating for several years, March 25, 2011, UNIQLO finally heed public opinion “, to open online store in Taiwan. Takeshi is quite optimistic about the purchasing power of the users, said he expects the performance of the official website of UNIQLO global, can break a% of the total turnover: UNIQLO global eshops, but five, physical stores more than 900.