Successful digital marketing case studies

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“in 2020, the air is clean; each race, like the Star Wars combined fleet of alien-like, there is no gap; humans safely Mayan calendar 2012, science and technology to create the future, worldwide creative occupation. ” Pop singer led young people sing decade after the desire: household electricity thanks to solar, restaurants according to your personal preferences deployment menu, all information, storage, through cloud technology transfer.

Community website marketing focus

To encourage outstanding creative digital marketing company in the past year, the editorial department of the “brains” refer to the degree of innovation activities effective, impressed by the degree of activity integrity, interactive-oriented, works from 45 of the 22 digital marketing company Contributor and 15 in the past year, the Network Creative Focus column, selected eight classic 2010 digital marketing cases, and does not include other media such as mobile phones.

The eight classic case, the use of a wide range of network tools: In addition to the campaign website, combined with audio and video platform, online games, and improve the consumer’s sense of participation. In addition, eight cases, there are six the mobilization Facebook fans force; community website word of mouth will be the key block digital marketing brand in Web3.0 era can not be ignored.

What’s the difference between new social media advertising and traditional Retractable Banner ad?

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Social media marketing is not just to attract attention and getting fans like traditional Retractable Banner, but does make contact with the product should be how to design and manufacture the correct entry point to reach the goal?

Recently, a quite well-known corporate marketing video on YouTube explosion of red, described often see a group of people in the wilderness, and war movies, holding rifles, mortars, crawl throw grenades … “dripping A organ gunfire continued hot and exciting!

But all the props used in the film are not really gun or guns really, but the “camera”, with a long lens, a short lens, Jiaojia (like gun rack), film (like bullets or grenades), and the the camera burst of sound is really a bit like a machine gun.

This Internet video uploaded on May 16, after about two weeks, more than 134 million people watching, the photographer sold a camera shop in Calgary, Canada, “The Camera Store”. Employees have their own shop took this network commercials, and now, a lot of Americans are aware that there is such a shop in Canada, became well-known.

How eyeBanner formulate the precision to help advertisers to find out targets?

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Yahoo! which precise marketing strategy, advertisers find more target objects? How eyeBanner use strategies, build brand image, and to stimulate the actual sales?

Different from traditional media, Internet media usage behavior due to the different ethnic groups in the traceability network marketing oriented accuracy Acclaimed, but how in the basis of existing scientific insight , to find a more precise target audience?

Observation of Taiwan’s Internet user groups, from the age of 16 to 60-year-old population, up to 70% of people have access to the Internet habits also accounted for one-third of the total media time, the residence time on the Internet, network marketing, advertisers have been an imperative of the road.