How IKEA use Banner ad and other online media to perform successful digital promotion

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Each brand has its official website, website banner ads and Facebook fan group, why IKEA is especially attractive to consumers? Stunning technology? Or extraordinary, but not the simple idea?

When the global network of people using more and more, businesses are also quick to use internet marketing to provide services, build brands, interact with friends, and to improve performance, expand their market share. Among so many brands of network tools, use head not always been very shrewd in how and consumers draw closer IKEA was one of the best.

Looking back a year, IKEA unique case in the digital marketing? Similarly, the official website, banner ads and community site, IKEA how different? Allow consumers to put it down on the IKEA, not only those people dazzling digital technology. More interesting creative combination of consumer demand, and simple digital tools can also play a cool promotional practices. The following is the “brains” for readers to finishing the global IKEA think wonderful digital creativity. See IKEA how digital technology used in the product, price, channel, and promotional marketing.

Product catalog becomes a game to build dreamer

Put some pretty SHOWROOM pattern on the official website or paper catalog into electronic files on the network, so users can reference the old-fashioned trick appetite has long been high-tech raise large users, and how there will be interested? How to allow consumers to put in some effort to look at the fine print directory? Internet interactive games, may be a good try.

The IKEA HOME.COM give consumers an opportunity to build a dream home. Consumers can pick and choose the sofa, coffee table, like the elegant simplicity of the layout of the living room. Went into the bedroom, and a soft bed lying on top of people can not help but want to cook a while dreams. The IKEA HOME.COM use of 3D technology, each of the same furniture placed in the network look like a showroom in the entity.

Not just dream home, the consumer himself arranged a small room, but also as a personal web page. Behind the sofa can add bookmarks links, the coffee table can also upload a photo gallery. Can not help but want to impress friends built the dreamer, the web can also be published directly on the major social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook.

Banner ads Music Fun show new products

Some say that keyword advertising is about to replace the banner ads, because users really can not stand, was in full swing when their own shopping website, suddenly jump out of an interference window. Or they simply do not care, what to write those covered online world of banner ads, saw the banner ad to feel bored to death, want to turn off his hurry. However, IKEA music banner ads but people, knowing that is commercial advertising, still can not help but want more than a few clicks.

Dubai IKEA design music banner ads is this: IKEA white CD rack placed on web reel, behind links different music files, a little bit, look! Each cell is a song. The banner ads will follow users click randomly play music files stored on your computer.

Virtualized storage tools to easily point products

IKEA CD rack not only moved into the network, and will also Cabinets together to put a computer desktop. A tidy desk, busy office workers will make work more effective. IKEA storage box, and not only on behalf of the charges by the front desk and clean, even in the computer world, the virtual office desktop, IKEA behalf of consumers in mind, finishing clean.

IKEA has developed a product called electronic storage folder program, IKEA “effective management of your home” brand philosophy extends to the virtual world of the Internet. Lined messy file on the computer’s desktop folder? It might be a revenue IKEA suit beautiful storage box! IKEA not only take care of your home, but also to take care of like your second home computer space.

Community website simple to play for the new store set-off

Every business has FACEBOOK, IKEA how to take advantage of the power of the community, so that the newly opened shops, fast set-off? To games now! See which users mouse press fast. Simple interactive games community website with promotional activities, and instantly attract the attention of consumers.

IKEA, a Swedish in order to attract consumers to the store in the opening period with lively, the manager Gordon Gustavasson own name opened a Facebook account, and upload 12 photos in the showroom. It is you want the sofa this photo? The tall shape table lamp seems good. First to other netizens ago, the name tag on their goods, consumers will be able to like products with free home. Retractable Banner Stands are effective marketing tool in the physical field site.

The Gordon Gustavasson to recruit a large number of curious consumers nowadays the most popular community website. IKEA does not use any profound, complex technology, but Facebook a simple function-label, together with the nature of the consumers love a bargain, very low publicity budget, to win over consumers to the campaign for the new store.

Carpool website everyone ride together to tour shop

When other brands busy consumers to import virtual path, IKEA does not give up and encourage consumers to visit the physical channel. Suspected storefront far behind? Think traffic inconvenient it? Do not want to take the time to stroll on the physical channel, shopping and just because a person is too boring you?

IKEA for you to find a mysterious stranger, visit shops and consumers. France IKEA set up a the “Carpool website (carpooling website), and willing to provide a ride of consumers, IKEA will give gifts discount of 1,000 euros, and thus earn a chance to meet new friends. The lazy car to go shopping, just, unfamiliar friend is willing to send a ride, it is not greatly increase the willingness to go out shopping?

To carpool website registration! Carpool practice, not just to save energy to reduce carbon emissions, IKEA by Carpool activities, give customers a different consumer experience: who is going to take your car? You will catch a who’s car? Consumers expect a whole different kind of encounter, shopping and things become more interesting.

Internet video broadcast daily commodities every day

The IKEA website calendar not only marked the date, also introduced different products every day! Open the IKEA website of the Netherlands, every day a small clip to introduce a commodity. Winter to carpet season! Today a discount day, what cheap good goods? Annual Christmas, IKEA, what is the occasion of small objects? IKEA guaranteed 365 days, every day is different.

Sarkozy time to shoot the 365 film, is not an easy thing to do. IKEA team to take advantage of off-the-shelf shop for the scene, and a rate of 15 a day, less than a month to complete filming. Until now, the movie continues to play. IKEA said, every 365 days, every day is different, “a movie, is a separate campaign to convey the uniqueness of each commodity.

During the event, IKEA consumer in mind, “brand awareness” (top of awareness) increased by 6% consumers to shop rate increased by 4%


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