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When agents are actively want to invite consumers to participate in the brand, One Group What new insights? From the the Success Stories Sophie failures, One Group summed up the brand to seize the heart of the new method.

Modern consumers daily contact with thousands of advertising messages, how can in divergent natural smells advertising message, allowing consumers to see at a glance your ad , but also the feeling of eyebrows think the your brand interest point, and take immediate purchase action.

In recent years, the global advertising agency, media agency and network agents in the research, how to make customers marketing communications to consumers who are more involved in the charm. Advertising agency designed the creative thinking processes, so that consumers exposed to advertising great feeling. The media agency designed media contact situations, so that consumers participate in the campaign. Internet marketing agency, specializes in hair interactive games, to allow consumers to experience the brand with charm.

One Group held the Program (Engagement Planning) seminar, invite customers to contain them to understand what is the Engagement Planning, and spot fat brand ideas (Brand Idea) evaluation is good or bad from the One Group Retractable Banner Stand president.

Advertising agencies and media agencies are talking about the “proactive public / interactive engagement” in the end how to operate, in order to allow consumers to truly take part in? When the 90′s integrated marketing has been unable to meet consumer marketing people trying to come up how to get consumers to spend more time and experience the brand? Proposed Brand Stewardship “full integration of all marketing tools, contact every time and place of the brand in the consumer and brand management. However, the 360 degree concept is only a framework, what make the brand marketing is the core of the development of all aspects of 360 degrees? He cited many wonderful stories of the Chinese and foreign, and to convince advertisers are, you want to “Engagement” must find the core idea of ??the brand.

To create a comprehensive win! Chocolate

One to the exam season, the world of the candidates are the same hope luck is admitted to the ideal school. Japan also has a shrine Yu Shou pray exam smoothly. However, they have a more convenient Pray for law, just walked into a convenience store, Japan, candidates can readily buy lucky charms made with chocolate.

Do not doubt! These chocolates lucky charm, in fact, the chocolate bars. When the cherry blossoms in full bloom in April each year, there are a large number of students prepared to face the important battles in life – the entrance examination. the in Japanese and “win” (kitto katsu) pronunciation identical, a lot of people will be bought as a small gift for a friend to help him cheer.

the spotted exam season opportunities, chocolate wreck caused the examination room luck with cherry packaging exam season is limited, while the use of all aspects of a propaganda tool, and the candidates they feel blessed warmth. In addition to the head on display at the convenience store, the shop, the name of the “wish will come true” signs, the combination of the Japanese Post Office, initiated activities Send your lucky charm. Bought the exam season limited the writing greeting on the package, take to the post office send out to convey the mind.

Day of the test, candidates all the way from home to the venue, able to see the encouragement of the station inside and outside the sky cherry flying ground covered with petals, candidates like experiencing a lucky journey leading to the examination room. Outdoor advertising propaganda, the more deeply the brand image of lucky charm. Meanwhile, the Tokyo exam candidates from the field to not only be distributed in the examination room the, also paid a visit to Tokyo’s major hotels will be filled with blessings the sent overseas candidates also did not forget to take care of.

TV advertising, outdoor advertising, storefront displays and promotions, even the examination room distributed and website publicity, propaganda tool integration the full 360 degrees, activities around the flagship, the sales increased by 125%. But the success, is that he does not integrate all the propaganda tools, but he has created a brand ideas irreplaceable.

Photo congregation art identify brand ideas

Re-hyun science and technology can be copied. Active mode, the same can also be imitated. The sole representative of the brand, to stay in the minds of consumers is a unique brand ideas. Other snack vendors can also launch a the exam season limited commodity, but it can not be the same as the Brand Candidates lucky charm shape.

Engagement How does it work? How the brand should outline the prototype of brand ideas? One Group, has a history of 125 years since 2005 Engagement Marketing methods to study how to increase the relationship between consumers and brands, they developed a unique formula: consumer insight + the brand unique interests point = brand ideas.

the main consumer group is young people, they observed that the young people need to troubleshoot the pressures of life, no place to vent, and the the and “win” kitto katsu interesting homonym links of, and then became the brand’s best interests . Encountered many setbacks and challenges of life in it? the rooting for you! With this brand ideas the start the product packaging into a lucky charm, and catch the exam season publicity and praying for all candidates in Japan. A series of ads, events, brand image more stable, but also to create a sales success.

Consumer insight to solve the needs of conflict

Ads slightest buckle into the heart, because it captures consumers want to say but can not say the desire to solve humanity’s dissatisfaction with the status quo and cultural conflict. Like Montblanc pen, obviously the price is not Fiji, but the overall design is very plain, ad copy also revealed that brand luxury but low-key style. Because human psychology to highlight achievements, but low-key real taste. In addition, many low-calorie food product design, is to seize the women want a full appetites, but want to keep slim conflict needs.

HBO’s TV ads, and how accurate scratching in the audience itches?

Dan slowly walked from the apartment lobby in front of his house, he heard the living room phone rings, the sound of incoming calls to the answering machine. Dark room, opened the door and had a chance to turn on the lights, a vote of friends and family towards him, rushed to offer the cake, it was a birthday surprise everyone carefully prepared.

The same story, if replaced, what will become of HBO for? Dark room, the phone rings. Ready to Dan birthday surprise friends and family, each hold their breath, waiting for this moment to go home by the protagonist. I did not expect to transfer the call to the answering machine, came the voice of Dan boss, he said: “I know you! Surveillance video, the picture is very clear that you secretly broke into my office and came to me to talk about tomorrow telephone hanging, Dan pushed open the door to come in, friends and family look awkward shouting: “Surprise …” HBO clip two versions of the story as advertising, tell the audience HBO program is not the same , not only the general surprise, there are those unknown, people can not help but want to gossip a little secret. Tom Doctoroff analysis, this commercial success insights into human conflict – “I like to gossip, but I should stay out of it.” <

Unique benefit joint consumer awareness

With insight, how to take advantage of the brand itself some assets, to meet consumer demand for conflict? You must first define the the brand unique interests point.

Any successful brand, has a vivid memory of the highlights, in brand benefits lasting business, assets that can not be overlooked. Brand unique point, there may be a prominent design – the curve bottle of Coca-Cola, National Geographic Channel’s bright yellow identification. Also symbols – NIKE undefeated Gogo, McDonald’s golden arch bridge. And a slogan comes to human hearts, more effective interpretation of the brand – DeBeers diamond is forever, a stay forever pass. In addition to the visual impression, the sound can become brand recall, exclusive ringtones, such as Nokia and Windows startup sound, so consumers one know what brand.

Brand how to find a unique point of interests? First clarify a few questions: what are the characteristics? To bring consumers the benefits? And between competing products is the largest segment? Brand specific product must be extended design distinctive imagery, and even the intangible spirit of the brand. However, these and related product content, deceptively simple and basic, but often stumped experienced marketing people.

Kellogg said, there are the 10 vitamins elements + iron corn cereal. Colgate said, our toothpaste fluoride + calcium formulations. Tom Doctoroff, refute, this can not be regarded as the brand’s unique interests point. Do other cereal vitamins and iron? Toothpaste containing fluoride and calcium What are the benefits to consumers? These brand appeal and did not convey clear, invisible and consumer demand.

Lipton said: “Good taste from expanded tea. Stereo Lipton tea bags, tea commence after a hot brew. For consumers, the stereo tea bags in the end what benefit? Lipton positioning is very clear, the the brand interests promotional focus is not on stereoscopic tea bags, but expand stereoscopic tea bags tea, can increase the good taste of the tea. With a clear brand unique points of interest in order to depict the valuable brand ideas.

Positioning fuzzy Sufi start over consumer insight and brand unique interests points are found, we will be able to produce a good brand ideas? Sophie past failures, valuable lesson to many marketing people.

In order to make a free and competitive products Dieyi sanitary napkins market segmentation, Sophie would publicize the main function on the product side leakage prevention. Physiological period to, but I need to engage in intense exercise “Sophie’s consumer insight, coupled with anti-the side leakage unique product interests point, Sophie come to the the freedom wings” brand ideas. The brand invited Cecilia endorsement, gallop ad Cecilia said “how dynamic are not the side of the drain, let me be more assured. But then, the Sufi been replaced by another Athena Chu as spokesperson, advertising scene became a movie theater, storytelling female physiological period, even sedentary, spend Sufi, do not be afraid to side leakage.

The brand idea of “free wings” and “how to move are not side leakage brand associated with the interests of points is too weak, causing the two advertising propaganda and lack of brand consistency. Horseback fierce sports and cinema sedentary, talking about two completely different consumer demand, and therefore affect the sales of Sophie. And why there will be inconsistent with the brand concept? Mainly because customers did not learn the One Group brand ideas on the value of the brand, this brand construction works must be together by advertising agencies and clients to create, or as long as the party to change to change, will not be able to maintain the consistency of the brand, also not achieve results.

One Group China in 2010 to re-launch the forever wonderful stop Miss Sophie “propaganda activities, and put young idols Angela do endorsements. Miss Sophie same consumer insight and brand interest points, but come to a different brand ideas, a clear description of the brands want to reach the goal – forever dynamic, because no longer afraid of the side of the drain, even if the encounter physiological period, the same mountains.

The forever wonderful stop Miss Sophie “will not only have a clear idea of the brand, plus spokesperson select line with the tone of the brand, Sophie catch up, in hot pursuit of the first good comfortable market share in 2010.

When marketing people busy want a wide variety of marketing tricks before, you may wish to think about their own brand ideas. With strong brand objectives, advertising effectiveness will be able to do more with less, natural also to develop a unique brand value.


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