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“in 2020, the air is clean; each race, like the Star Wars combined fleet of alien-like, there is no gap; humans safely Mayan calendar 2012, science and technology to create the future, worldwide creative occupation. ” Pop singer led young people sing decade after the desire: household electricity thanks to solar, restaurants according to your personal preferences deployment menu, all information, storage, through cloud technology transfer.

Community website marketing focus

To encourage outstanding creative digital marketing company in the past year, the editorial department of the “brains” refer to the degree of innovation activities effective, impressed by the degree of activity integrity, interactive-oriented, works from 45 of the 22 digital marketing company Contributor and 15 in the past year, the Network Creative Focus column, selected eight classic 2010 digital marketing cases, and does not include other media such as mobile phones.

The eight classic case, the use of a wide range of network tools: In addition to the campaign website, combined with audio and video platform, online games, and improve the consumer’s sense of participation. In addition, eight cases, there are six the mobilization Facebook fans force; community website word of mouth will be the key block digital marketing brand in Web3.0 era can not be ignored.

2020 to the future of their own

Who says policy advocacy must be boring? This mini-album “2020, where are you? Associated music digital marketing company for the technical planning department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs execution was broadcast in the official website and YouTube, combined with the idol charm, exclusive theme song, the topic of film, calling on young people to join the trend of industry.

According to the III, 2010, recurring Internet population has reached 1,079 people, the Internet is not only to become the main source of information for consumers, but also a strong pipeline of brand marketing.

Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in order to outline the blueprint for Taiwan’s industrial development, as a basis for future policy planning, as well as young people to provide employment reference, commissioned the associated music digital marketing planning for five consecutive episodes, each episode five minutes of the movie “2020, where are you? Broadcast more than a month the official outlets clicks exceeded 210,000, episode videos Views over 100,000, the current cumulative 720,000 people, and 2010 the Goldfinger Internet Award website service class ─ ─ corporate and product website other gold medal, and the 2010 Times Chinese Advertising Awards Network digital advertising category Bronze.

To repair common sense 3M clean sweep

You are living an idiot? The chair disintegrated, how to be reinstated?

3M special glue is introduced for a variety of materials, not only sticky little things, and is also a good helper for home repairs. Activities the box Internet company for 3M designed Facebook application game “Who is the king of home improvement, home life encountered trouble when the background into the home improvement tips, leaving users to invite Facebook friends when a roommate “cohabitation”, increase the activity interesting.

Join the game, the roommate would deliberately sabotage, help users repair; users must select the appropriate 3M commodity situations, checkpoints successful home improvement king “certificate can be awarded, meet friends honor.

The game is full of creative and interactive design, during the 18-day event attracted 2,500 people to break through the barrier, and nearly 1,800 Wall posted, let the a 3M official fan group daily flow increased from 270 to 9,000 people.

Still sentences university students grab pleasure

Sell potato chips is not unusual, surprising is selling potato chips also can be linked and singing, but also so that the activity has always been social apathetic students rushed into the theme song for the brand creative.

Small Incident pleasure “precise strategy for potato chip brand Lay’s Lay’s planning, the college fell in love with the BBS, like tweets, with just a few words to express the mood habit solicit favorite Chi Lingzui younger one a , co-authoring a pleasure song “, indicating a small setback nothing, only occasionally multi-point happiness can be happy. The last election the most creative lyrics, sing songs netizens third-campus spokesperson Show Luo Tour, echoes the spirit of the brand’s pleasure.

Campaign website at any time show the number of articles submitted each school, the use of psychological Students intercollegiate competition “, ascribed activities in popularity. The top two nursing schools, tug of war, to attract media for 120 seconds exclusive reports, create nearly 400,000 media effectiveness. Activities within one month alone, 240,000 people browse the Internet, the total contribution to the lyrics of 80,000, during the potato chips of sales, up 25% compared to the same period in 2009, The activities successfully integrate various marketing tools integrated marketing category gold medal, won the 2010 Goldfinger Internet Award, Yahoo! Asia Big Idea Chair Award Asia network integrated marketing first prize.

The decryption combat guess the taste red performance

A group of girl wearing hot, jumping to hook people dance to the critical moment, and will be repeated several specific action, repeated at the waist, swinging the upper body. This is the ad? Dance courses, or a video game?

In fact, they are Doritos (Doritos) puzzle correspondent: publicity order on behalf of the upcoming new products, Doritos commissioned a precise strategy, planning “U +2721 six yds. star decryption war”, at the event website placed sixth movie, each movie prompts one word answers, consumers with brainstorming, Guess the full name of the new flavors. You dance from a hot beauty, guess the answers than their hands and feet?

Light guessing of course, is not enough to look at! Activity bonus of NT $ 20 million ceiling increase with the attendants, plus the campaign website constantly updated jackpot, stimulate the willingness of consumers to participate in, and also a record 300,000 visitors, 9,827 decrypted people high popularity.

Participate decryption consumers to buy to get the serial number, so successfully led the channel sales turnover growth of 10% compared to the same period in 2009, with a market share increase by 20%; 18-24 year-old target group, bought during the event Doritos eat proportion, more substantial growth of 50%. The highly interactive, creative marketing strategies, and sure enough precision to seize the hearts of young consumers.

Private cottage to build a fantasy world of

Makeup, skin care products how marketing? In addition to spend a lot of budget, celebrity endorsements, there is no closer to consumers?

Pond’s (POND’S) commissioned to build the Bremen network the Facebook private cottages games, re-evoke childhood memories of the girls playing house: consumers to room layout, dress themselves, or even into the role of the boyfriend, construct the small world of the dream. Pond’s skin care products are also placed in the game, combined with Facebook friends visit, Pond’s reputation gradually spread through the power of interpersonal communication.

Life, a strong sense of participation interface design, private cabin since the station opened in May 2010, has accumulated 190,000 players and 20,000 players often use monthly. Natural placement of goods Pond’s brand image is more vivid, with a market share increase by 44% within three months of the beginning of the game, “private cabin” and the 2010 Times Chinese Advertising Bronze Award, Asia Pacific Advertising Bronze.

Sister rental invited otaku when the hero

Renting an apartment can also be very convenient, very romantic! Yongqing the House Fun renting network in order to enhance the site in July and August, the utilization rate, commissioned by OgilvyOne planning to rent one you and your activities, invited “students did not” program is sister artists endorsement.

Chance to put three paragraphs campaign website internet movie? Coincidence “,” I guess I met you, “and” rent a you, and you lay out “through the story, please friends together to help girl looking for an apartment ; “Live Show” features of the site, so that users of different time login, and Tai Yuen different dialogue, to attract users to keep track of, found fun; help Dayuan users to find a house, but also a romantic Valentine’s Day and she tide , to let the House Fun renting network traffic, visits, 10,000 donors from one day to up to 160,000 people, Facebook concatenation of forces within a month there will be nearly 30 million people to participate in activities.

Exclusive number to share coffee story

Leisurely summer afternoon, is best suited to a cup of coffee: family Brunswick cafe’s television advertising sportsman Mark Chao dashing figure, people left a deep impression. Just after the end of the ad, link consumers and brands, and it has come to an end it?

Network gene family planning “time of a cup of coffee, a story” website, a collective creation platform, so that each person can choose the best feeling coffee time, write down the most coffee touched a small language, every story with the coffee hour regularly launch the album, so the story of the brand and the consumer, echoing each other: 8:45, while stocks of the mother of their children to school, the most for a cup of hot latte has its own ID, exclusive corner; boosting the morale; 5:00 in the evening, do not care to think of a crush on him, a cup of caramel macchiato.

The activities carried out within two months, there are nearly 90,000 people visit the Web site, the average residence time of more than five minutes. Visitors Total the Coffee Time story published more then 1,000 videos on YouTube over 150,000 visits to successful resonating with consumers.

Doll gotta play interactive games suction eye

An existing 25-year-old old instant noodles company, how in the original brand innovation in order to seize the heart of the young generation?

Vedan’s instant noodles brand Vivek A, 2010 to celebrate the 25th anniversary: ??”Vivek A 25 anniversary penetrating Vivek A planning-3D A Aberdeen joy lie”, founding the love of pets and transvestites Internet players; proximity card comes with instant noodles can be via webcam, feeding their own A Aberdeen and help A Tsai dress up as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and other fun modeling, and Facebook A Aberdeen interaction of friends.

The activities carried out during the three months, attracted 130,000 visitors, and 14.49 percent of them participate in games, Internet advertising viral marketing class and the food and beverage category of the Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards Bronze innovative type of advertising masterpiece, as well as Chinese advertising Award viral advertising masterpiece, innovative use of Type masterpiece.



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