What is Uniqlo promotional strategy to win?

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Opened its first physical store in Taiwan, the Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, finally preparatory six months after, and then opened the official website of the online store. How do they escape the rigid image of most corporate website …

If you want to ask in 2010, the marketing industry event in Taiwan, Japan, cheap clothing brand UNIQLO in Taiwan to establish a physical store, and absolutely the list. UNIQLO CEO? Takeshi made under magniloquence announced the extra 4,5 outlets before the end of 2011, but also in Taipei.

In fact, before the physical store presence, UNIQLO’s tentacles have long reached into Taiwan. Users buy through the official website of Japan UNIQLO has been operating for several years, March 25, 2011, UNIQLO finally heed public opinion “, to open online store in Taiwan. Takeshi is quite optimistic about the purchasing power of the users, said he expects the performance of the official website of UNIQLO global, can break a% of the total turnover: UNIQLO global eshops, but five, physical stores more than 900.

Once the brand has a separate corporate website, not only can not e-Shop regularization platform to tie him down, able to highlight the brand colorful features, but also allow consumers to transcend the constraints of time and enjoy shopping, the network path is able play. Let’s take a look, UNIQLO official website sales? Them worth learning practices?

Emphasize interactive spice
Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, in the novel “South of the Border. Sun West “wrote:” The so-called temporary, waiting for the word is no way to measure the length. “Consumers like to spend time waiting in the ranks, but if the brand is so queuing to become a enough The interesting thing?

Say on both sides of the long, long queues, the scenery constantly changes: consumers can enjoy the fountain, street trees, the hills are covered with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, even warm sandy beaches, azure coast; every few steps, there will be a giraffe ranks zebra; streets of the day, a hot-air balloon sky at the night sky, the flying boat to the company.

Where queuing can row so exaggerated, discharged from urban countryside discharged at night during the day, but also filled with surreal elements? It is UNIQLO’s official website. UNIQLO official website in Taiwan to celebrate the first physical store opened in unified Hankyu Department Store, “Lucky Line” organized queuing activities: just use Facebook or Twitter account login will be able to represent themselves queuing virtual characters, animals select modeling. Users on the official website, you will see what position ranked team, wearing what UNIQLO clothes can and equally involved queuing Facebook, Twitter friends come to market online chat, also let users stick to get down on the official website.

Instant lottery brand points

UNIQLO the cleverly placed apparel items, interesting design, real-time interaction, the official website popularity skyrocketed. From September 23, 2010 to October 7, the opening day of the two-week event attracted 63 people queuing. Each participant will be given a number by randomly distributed to the spot to know whether they are winning. Goods has not been officially went on sale on the site, UNIQLO through the corporate website, brand marketing taken the first step to success. Read more successful marketing case on this website.

UNIQLO This is not the first time the magic on the official website. Earlier, in September 2010, UNIQLO to celebrate the shopping network in the UK back on line, especially organizing promotional activities of “Lucky Counter”: 10 products selected by UNIQLO discount is handed over to the users to decide; more people posted on Twitter product information, the price of the product on the lower, minimum immediate concern to 33% off.

Do not think that you can easily pick up cheap! UNIQLO will be from 6 tweets, out a winner, and announce the name of the lucky ones directly on the screen; winner will receive a promotional code, only the first 100 with a promotional code to purchase a specific commodity consumers , in order to enjoy the offer. Hard before harvest system design, not clear-cut way to the prize, it is necessary to allow consumers willing to participate, but also because of the hard-earned commodity, further highlighting the brand value.

Regardless of the cost long-term fishing

Known as the world’s first network queuing activities “Lucky Line”, although let UNIQLO money before to spend money, but for the site to retain a group of loyal viewers: Taiwan the UNIQLO’s Facebook fans group, a total of 120,007 thousand more than fans. UNIQLO in Japan, China’s official website, “Lucky Line” too successful, have followed suit, invite friends “with queuing: long been the eshops features Japan’s corporate website, not mining sweepstakes, changed to the issuing entity store coupons way, more UNIQLO hit single day of 10 billion yen (about NT $ 35 billion) amazing results. Japan’s official website, “Lucky Line” series of events, so the audience the most awards won the 2011 Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (ADFEST) Promotional

While e-Shop is an important pathway for brand marketing, corporate Web site, however, being a company facade before the sales function is turned on, you can use a lively, diverse strategies, began marketing the brand: to spend a little cost, open future opportunities. UNIQLO’s opening, do not fight the TV commercials, only pay online queuing Japanese couples game sent three days and two nights, five sets of male and female hooded jacket, 200 activities exclusive T-shirt and other prizes, and hundreds of thousands of New Taiwan Dollars The entity advertising fee, let Hankyu store opening day of the influx of nearly 7,000 people, one-day performance of up to NT $ 30 million.

Thinking outside the actual situation has always been

Taiwan UNIQLO official online line after nearly six months, the site shopping functions, and finally in the March 25, 2011 opening; March 21 Dao 23 Ri, the official website through a Facebook link, a series of launch of third gear Sale: which love bear (Care Bears) the 2,000 pieces of T-shirts, Piece of 3,000 pieces of T-shirts sold out within two hours.

The Taiwan the UNIQLO Internet shops currently there are more than 400 kinds of goods, is the UNIQLO following Japan, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom opened five eshops. Liu Yishan said, UNIQLO online store as a real store, UNIQLO Marketing Public Relations in Taiwan, Taiwan’s official website said the following Hankyu stores; in the second half of 2011, UNIQLO before the opening of the second physical store network Road shops are able to meet the needs of non-northern consumers.

It is interesting, UNIQLO online store does not sell goods may be damaged in the process of delivery in addition to sunglasses, umbrellas, and almost the same physical store sales items, promotional merchandise, discounts, and the physical store no gap; net Road shops open to sell the last two months, and the turnover of the physical store, but also very close. Liu Yishan explained that such a strategy is to echo the spirit of the brand UNIQLO “made for all” (designed for everyone to wear), do not want to consumption in the physical store or online store any party at a disadvantage.

Even if non-discriminatory pricing strategy, UNIQLO physical storefront and eshops consumer groups still somewhat different. IQs uniform the Hankyu shop, located in the 7th floor of the Japanese department store, the main consumer segments predominantly female average Unlike eshops demographic distribution. In addition, the topic of goods, in eshops sales speed is also faster than the physical stores; Liu Yishan For example, with the May 13 started selling the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The specter of the sea” T-shirts, a network on rack craze triggered physical storefront “slow half a beat.

48 years since the founding of the Japanese cheap clothing brand UNIQLO, stepped into Taiwan’s online shopping market in less than six months, have been used for the innovation activities of corporate website design, pricing strategy, to seize the audience’s gaze. What results these efforts have future worth looking forward to.


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